Do you know a student who is struggling with the unit circle?

I just added a 21 page pdf to the math page that includes notes on the unit circle, degrees and radians, and basic trigonometry functions plus worksheets to practice the skills and keys to check to the answers.

I found that some people have found the unit circle confusingly cluttered when everything is on it at once, so I drew several with only two angles per circle. The worksheets specifically for the unit circle do have spots for everything, though, and will make nice study guides or reference sheets when filled in.

I also cover the triangle calculations that are needed to understand how where the numbers came from, plus there are worksheets covering conversions between degrees and radians as well as worksheets to practice finding sine, cosine, and tangent (and secant, cosecant, and cotangent) using the unit circle. The keys for all worksheets are included.