These are a few of the notes I wrote up as quick-reference / study guides for my students. They said they preferred the handwritten notes, so that’s what I’ve scanned and uploaded here.

  • Fractions, Decimals, Percents
    This covers converting numbers between these forms.
  • Interval Notation & Ordered Pairs
    This shows the notations and how they are used. Examples are given of each possibility.
  • Quadratic Functions
    An overview of the most important aspects of quadratic functions.
  • The Unit Circle and Trig Functions with Worksheets and Keys

    This is a 21 page collection covering the unit circle, degrees and radians, and basic trig functions. I think that most unit circle diagrams are so cluttered that it is hard for some students to see the patterns; this is a series of diagrams each showing only two symmetric points to avoid the clutter. There is also a page reviewing the relevant triangles and worksheets with keys for labeling a complete unit circle, finding the sine, cosine, and tangent using the unit circle, converting degrees to radians, and finding cosecant, secant, and cotangent using the unit circle.